Rave Reviews Log: Adventure

Friday, February 04, 2011

The Red Pyramid

By Rick Riordan
Rating 4 1/4 stars

If you love adventure, Rick Riordan is your man.  This first book in the Kane Chronicles features alternating chapters by brother and sister team Sophie and Carter.  The story starts with a bang--literally--when the kids' father blows up the Rosetta Stone in the British Museum to release 5 Egyptian gods.  Their father disappears into a sarcophagus and before Sophie and Carter know it, they are being spirited off to America and introduced to a world they never knew existed--one where magicians, pharaohs and the gods of Egypt are still alive and well.  Not only that, but they discover they both are of the blood of the pharaohs and have possible great powers of magic.  But they are also on the run from the House of Life who wishes to destroy them and towards the evil god, Set, who wishes to destroy everything.  Who will survive?  And can they stop Set in time?  Readers will be on the edge of their seats, and any fans of the Percy Jackson series will be more than happy to dive into Egyptian waters.  Bring on Book 2!