Rave Reviews Log: Adventure

Friday, February 05, 2010

The Time Quake

By Linda Buckley-Archer
Rating: 4 1/4 stars

The Gideon Trilogy ends as dramatically as the rest of the titles in the series. We pick up from our last point, where the Tar Man, Peter and Kate have been thrown back in time once again. The Tar Man has the anti-gravity machine, but does not have the code to make it work--none of them do. While the children and Gideon chase the TarMan around London in an effort to get the machine back, especially in view of Kate's alarming condition of beginning to fade from sight, Lord Luxon trots joyfully through time with his anti-gravity machine. Lord Luxon has formed an evil plot--upon the advice of a young historian, he decides to try and stop the American Revolution from succeeding, thus leaving America as the possession of England. Can his plot be foiled? But the effect of all of this time travel has been to cause time quakes--where more than one time touches with another to the terror of all who view it. The universe is at risk of flying apart for it cannot hold the many parallel worlds being created with each time event. How can the two kids who unwittingly started it all, bring things back to normal? Or is the universe, and history, doomed? Fans of the previous books will happily run through time with these characters, and wonder how it will all end as events unfold. A mindbending trilogy!