Rave Reviews Log: Adventure

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Lion Hunter

By Elizabeth E. Wein
Rating: 4 1/4 stars
Reviewed by Noelle

In this fascinating entry to the new two book series, The Mark of Solomon, 12 year old Telemakos is the grandson of the fallen King Artos (Arthur), living in Aksum, Africa. Telemakos finds himself covered in both psychological and physical scars from both the spy mission where he was held captive and from a recent tragedy which took his arm. His spy mission was completely secret, as was his code name of "sunbird," but threatening messages are left at Telemakos' house, as well as at the home of the emperor which could mean someone suspects his family. To keep the children safe, Telemakos and his baby sister Athena are sent live with the ruler of Hymar where Telemakos can be apprenticed to the Star Master. Telemakos is happy enough with his new life and progress until he overhears the ruler Abreha and a trader from Aksum talking and realizes his new home is a hornet's nest of intrigue and plans. Telemakos realizes he can't forget that he is a spy...and that Abreha might also be watching him with suspicion. Instead of being sent safely away, Telemakos finds himself back in the middle of intrigue, where if he is found out, it may mean his life. Readers will be dismayed to find the book ends on a cliffhanger, and will eagerly be awaiting its sequel, The Empty Kingdom, due out in April 2008. This is an involving and exciting adventure story, mixed with a dose of Arthurian legend, that is difficult to put down. Readers may want to read an earlier adventure of Telemakos about his first spy mission called The Sunbird.