Rave Reviews Log: Adventure

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oath Breaker

By Michelle Paver
Rating: 4 1/2 stars

In book 5 of the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness, Torak is happily no longer an outcast and back with the Raven Clan. While visiting his kinsman Bale out in the ocean, he leaves Bale alone when he says he may ask Torak's friend Renn to stay with him as a mate. That one move causes Bale to be killed by Thiazzi the Soul Eater and allows Thiazzi to recover the powerful fire opal. In anger and guilt, Torak vows to avenge Bale by killing Thiazzi. Thus Torak, Wolf, Rip & Rek the ravens and Renn all journey after the Soul Eater into the strange, dark, Deep Forest whose clans have different ways and beliefs. But when they get there, Torak and Renn find things are much worse than they thought. Thiazzi has been stealing children and setting the Deep Forest clans against one another as well as against the Open Forest clans. War is imminent unless Torak can find a way to defeat the powerful Soul Eater and convince the clans of the real culprit. Can Torak and Renn save the forest from one of the most powerful Soul Eaters? This is a very exciting story which will have fans of the series eagerly eating it up and panting for the next installment. Great stuff! New readers of the series must start with Wolf Brother. A big thumbs up!