Rave Reviews Log: Adventure

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Boneshaker

By Kate Milford
Rating: 4 1/4 stars

The boneshaker of the title refers to the new refurbished bike that her dad got for Natalie--but that secretly she can't figure out how to ride yet.  At least, that is what you THINK it refers to for much of the book.  In truth, this book is about a small town near a crossroads where some mystical things can happen.  It is about making bargains you were better off not making and about choosing sides.  It is about a traveling medicine show that comes to town with the appearance of wanting to heal people but with very different motives indeed.  It is about a thirteen year old girl learning that she knows things she couldn't possibly have known  and that perhaps her entire town may be counting on her to stand up and save them.  By turns it is atmospheric, and a tad creepy, and exciting and it is always involving as we discover along with Natalie what is really going on.  A supercool story.

On the Blue Comet

By Rosemary Wells
Rating: 4 stars

In this historical adventure, Oscar lives alone with his father in the 1920's in middle of nowhere Cairo, Illinois. The pair built an extensive Lionel train collection and enjoy their life until the Stock Market Crash of 1929 throws everything into chaos.  When Oscar's dad gets laid off, he decides to move to California to look for work and has to sell the house and trains, sending Oscar to live with his Aunt Carmen.  Oscar is lonely until he makes the acquaintance of a Mr. Applegate, an ex-teacher who is also drifting, looking for work.  The two form a fast friendship as Mr. Applegate tutors Oscar in math and talks to him about Einstein's theory of relativity.  It is through this friendship that Oscar discovers his trains now decorate the bank, and leads to the fateful night.  When Oscar is caught in the crossfire of a bank robbery, he leaps at the train set to save himself and finds himself able to board one of his own trains to be carried through time to the future.  But can Oscar find the help he needs in 1941?  Can he make it back to his own time?   Oscar meets many a famous person and finds many adventures as he tries to figure out how to find his way back and make things right once again.