Rave Reviews Log: Adventure

Monday, June 25, 2007


By Christopher Russell
Rating: 3 3/4 stars
Reviewed by Noelle

Russell follows up the great adventure Dogboy (see review) with a sequel called Hunted. Brind, the dogboy and Aurelie the French girl have been living happily for the past couple of years with Sir Edmund after their adventures in the war. But then Sir Edmund's wife is stricken with the plague and a traveling, nefarious friar convinces Sir Edmund that Brind and Aurelie caused the disease with their devilish tendencies. In his grief, Sir Edmund angrily banishes the pair from his manor, but allows them to bring Glaive, the mastiff pack leader, and Glaive's son Gabion. The friar, Brother Rohan, decides to hunt Brind and Aurelie down to display his power of rooting out the devil to the masses. Brind and Aurelie are on the run; from Brother Rohan, the plague, and roaming out of work soldiers who are interested in lining their pockets by any means available. Can the two outrun and outwit their opponents and get to safety in time, even with two mastiffs to help them? Readers will be riveted to the plot and be awakened to some of the horrible conditions that medieval life presented to a population willing to believe in just about anything if it gave them someone or thing to blame. Although not quite as strong a story as the first book, this one is still a good ride, and readers might look forward to more sequels about the dogboy and Aurelie.