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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sisters of the Sword

By Maya Snow
Rating: 4 stars

Set in medieval Japan, the daughters of the local Jito (lord) of the province eagerly attend to learning how to defend themselves like real samurai, although that is something only a boy can become. Kimi especially takes to the training, wishing fervently to have been born a boy, destined to be a samurai. Then the unthinkable happens--their trusted uncle murders her father and older brothers in cold blood, determined to take over the title of Jito. The girls barely escape, having to fight for their lives against one of their uncle's men. In desperation, they disguise themselves as boys and manage to become accepted as servants into Master Goku's dojo, where their father and brothers trained. As the two struggle to survive, they are filled with a new purpose--to kill their uncle and avenge their father and brothers. The girls are also filled with hope when Master Goku helps them discover that both their mother and youngest brother survived. But living at the dojo, even training as they have always wished, is filled with danger since their arrogant cousin Ken-ichi also attends the school. Then the annual tournament is announced when anyone can compete and their uncle, who has now assumed the title of Jito, is due to judge. Will this finally be the chance to avenge their family that the sisters have been waiting for? With lots of exciting fight scenes, this beginning of a new series has a strong start. Readers will eagerly await what will happen next for our sisters in book 2, Chasing the Secret.


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